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  • IMG_9776 ofauoso01_byn-y-gris


    The polar bear comes in characteristic Black & White, from the snow, but also changes its colours to different and shinier versions.

  • OFAUTOR01 multi 3 IMG_9212


    Our button bull comes in different colours but with its strong masculine lines, becoming the perfect gift for your boy friend.

  • OFAUCHA01-rosa IMG_9738


    This pink pig is full of buttons instead of coins and ready to be full of love near your special someone.

  • IMG_9237 perro home 22


    This Fauna family member comes in the colors of our favourite canine friends, ideal as a gift for dog lovers.

  • IMG_9756 IMG_4500


    The cutest animal in our fauna line is ready to be with you in your desktop or night table.

  • ofauele01_MULTI2 ofauele01-fucsia


    Our button elephant was the founderof the Fauna family.  They are unique and bring a happy touch to any room. They are entirely handmade.

  • OFAURAN01 verde 3 rana-multi-home1


    The button frog is one of the first Fauna family members. Ready to hide under some plants in a garden or jump to your favourite furniture spot.

  • IMG_9787 OFAUJIR01-roja-y-multi


    Our jirafosaur,half giraffe,  half brontosaur. A new breed mix of a brontosaur and a giraffe and buttons, of course.